Financial aid programs fall into the following categories: grants and scholarships, loans, and work. Programs within each category may be need-based or non-need-based. Need is determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid Application (FAFSA). Students who do not qualify for need-based aid may still be eligible for some loan programs. Student employment is available for all students. The Office of Financial Aid must follow federal, state, and institutional regulations when awarding aid. Awards will be made on a first-come, first-served basis as long as funds are available.

Scholarship assistance: To pursue scholarship possibilities beyond those offered at MSU, consider a personal scholarship search. Use the library, or search online using free scholarship search tools on the Office of Financial Aid website at

Short-term loans: If you need money temporarily for educational expenses, short-term (60-day) loans are available in the Office of Financial Aid. These loans may be available in a relatively short time. Students who are registered and have no MSU holds may apply for a short-term loan online at STUINFO (

ASMSU loans: The ASMSU loan program allows undergraduate students to receive interest-free loans of up to $300 for the first six weeks of each summer, fall and spring semester. Two forms of photo identification must be presented in 307 Student Services Building which is open Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Students must be enrolled in the current semester with no holds. Please contact the ASMSU Engagement Office at (517) 355-8266 for more information.

COGS loans: COGS provides two types of short term loans. The first is a $300 loan that is interest free for 8 weeks but only available the first 6 weeks of any semester. This loan can be obtained by going to ASMSU in 307 Student Services Building. The second loan is obtainable from the Office of Financial Aid in 252 Student Services in the amount of $500. This loan is interest free for 60 days.

Financial aid information for MSU students may be found on the web at two locations:

  • is the home page of the Office of Financial Aid. Here you will find descriptions and eligibility requirements for the types of aid most commonly awarded to MSU students.
  • is the gateway to student records. In STUINFO you will find Financial Aid (check your aid) which lists your aid and the steps required before the aid can be paid to you.