Health Promotion challenges the health attitudes, behaviors, and perceptions of our community through education, environmental management and harm reduction efforts so that our students and faculty are free to pursue their personal and academic goals.

Alcohol Tobacco, and Other Drug (ATOD) Services and Support (
The (ATOD) Program offers free one-on-one educational sessions for students concerned about their own alcohol or substance use or that of a friend or family member. ATOD also provides interactive educational group presentations, Spartan Smart for first-time MIP offenses, coordinates The Ducks! Social Norms campaign, and houses the MSU Collegiate Recovery Community (

Nutrition Counseling (
Nutrition counseling appointments with a registered dietitian are available to help students become competent with eating through an individualized, collaborative approach. During the initial appointment, information will be gathered to assess health status and nourishment needs. The recommendations and nutrition education provided is based on a weight-inclusive approach to stabilize eating and enhance health. Students can receive support for a wide variety of nutrition concerns, and there is no fee for nutrition appointments.

HIV Education, Counseling & Testing (
Free and anonymous testing and counseling is available through the Health Promotion Department by appointment only.

SPARTANfit Fitness & Wellness Programs (
SPARTANfit at Student Health Services strives to encourage, educate and support students on the benefits of incorporating regular physical activity and wellness into their daily lives.

Program offerings include:

Outreach Programs

Health-related workshops are available to residence halls, sororities, fraternities, and other student groups associated with MSU. Topics include:

Program requests may be made online at

“In Your Face Theatre Troupe” (
The In Your Face Theatre Troupe is a group of student actors who perform a series of entertaining and educational skills focusing on student health, decision-making strategies regarding safer sex, and communication within relationships.

e-Chug: Alcohol Self-Assessment
e-Chug is a short, confidential, online assessment that provides students with individualized feedback based on their reported alcohol use. e-Chug  ( is free with no limit on how many times the survey can be taken, allowing students to track their alcohol use over a period of time.

MSU Student Food Bank (
Provides supplemental food and necessities to students and their families who are in need of this type of support.

For more information regarding Health Promotion Services, please call (517) 353-0718 or visit