The department performs a variety of tasks for the benefit of individual citizens, organizations, and institutional agencies that comprise the University community. The department is as follows:

Uniform Division – performs the patrol duties of a similarly sized municipal department and is responsible for responding to any criminal complaints on campus. The Uniform Division also manages the department’s Community Team Policing Program. This program involves close interaction between teams of officers and the community we serve. The MSU campus has been divided into three geographic team areas that encompass the residential neighborhood concept. Each team area connects with two residential neighborhoods. The telephone number for non-emergencies is (517) 355-2221. For emergencies only, call 9-1-1.

Emergency Management and Special Events Division – the MSU Police Department has four Professional Emergency Managers. Emergency plans, training and response for the University are continually being reviewed and updated. The department works closely with the East Lansing Fire Department and MSU Environmental Health and Safety Office. Michigan State University has an extensive set of emergency management protocols and published community safety information pertinent to emergency situations. There is an active emergency management process for organizing efforts to mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from a variety of hazards. Additionally, this division is responsible for planning for traffic, security and parking associated with large events such as football and basketball games and concerts.

The Parking Division is responsible for Traffic Engineering and enforcement of University parking regulations and ordinances. (More than ninety-five percent of all parking violations are issued by student employees.) The division issues permits for bicycles and parking permits for motor vehicles operated on campus. It also acts as a communications link between the community and the All-University Traffic and Transportation Committee and the Student Traffic Appeals Court. For information, call (517) 355-8440. Visit our website: