Whether you live in a residence hall, an apartment, or a house, be cautious about protecting your property and yourself within your living space. MSU police indicate that most offenses against students in the residence halls are “crimes of opportunity.” Wherever you live, denial of opportunity for crime is key to your personal security.

  1. Always lock your door, even if you leave for “just a minute.” This is the single best deterrent to intruders.
  2. Never leave money, wallets, purses, ipads, cell phones, jewelry, and other small items of value lying visible in the room. Keep them out of sight. Conceal these items in places other than in your desk or dresser.
  3. Do not leave notes on your door announcing you are not at home.
  4. Do use the peep hole to avoid opening your door to strangers.
  5. Close your blinds and/or curtains at night.
  6. Do not take in overnight guests that you do not know.
  7. Do not carry a key chain with your name, address, or car license number on it.
  8. Do not let strangers into the building after closing.
  9. Do not prop exterior doors open after closing.
  10. Work out an agreement with suitemates and/or neighbors to watch for suspicious activity or persons. Report anything suspicious to the police.