Club Sports, administered through the Recreational Sports and Fitness Services department, are Registered Student Organizations (RSO) through the Department of Student Life. These are student lead teams who travel and compete against other colleges and universities. Each team pays their way and no money is received through the Rec Sports Dept. so they all pay dues. Clubs vary in size, from less than 20 participants to over 80. Depending on the extent of their travel and pay grade of coaches, Club Sports may cost $50/year or several thousand dollars per year. Each club sets their dues structure. The Club Sports Office is located in the IM Sports-Circle. Go to and click on the Club Sports link for a complete directory and contact information for current clubs:
Baseball                                            Sailing
Competitive Cheer (All Girl)              Soccer (men)
Crew                                                 Soccer (women)
Dodgeball                                         Softball-Fast Pitch (women)
Fencing                                            Table Tennis
Handball                                           Tae Kwon Do
Judo                                                 Triathlon Club
Kendo                                               Ultimate Frisbee (men)
Lacrosse (men)                                 Ultimate Frisbee (women)
Lacrosse (women)                             Underwater Hockey
Pompon                                             Volleyball (men)
Roller Hockey                                     Volleyball (women)
Rugby (men)                                      Water Polo (men)
Rugby (women)                                  Water Polo (women)