In addition to the sports already mentioned, a number of other activities are available on the campus and in the Greater Lansing community. For locations of community facilities, see the Yellow Pages or the “Community Profile” pages of the Lansing telephone directory.

Adaptive Recreation. Please go to and chose the adaptive recreation tab on the main page, lower left. We have all types of recreation opportunities for different levels of mobility and desired athletic competitive levels.

Aerobics. Zumba, yoga and other aerobic programs are available. Check the website for any Rec Sports schedules at

Basketball. There is  drop in recreation at all three IM buildings. Many outdoor courts are available throughout campus.

Fitness Centers. The Fitness Centers at IM-East and IM-West are available daily for individual workouts. They provide a variety of strength training, cardio and selectorized equipment. A daily user fee is charged or semester memberships are available. For more information, call (517) 355-5250 (IM-West), (517) 353-3136 (IM-East). Individual fitness assessments and personal training services are available by calling IM-West at (517) 355-5250. Individual fitness assessments are also available at Olin Health Center, (517) 353-4660.

Golf. Forest Akers Golf Course (West and East) are both 18-hole courses located on the MSU campus along Harrison Road south of Mt. Hope Road. The courses are open to students, faculty, staff, and the public. Students pay the lowest rate. Call (517) 355-1635 for information and reservations. Recreational Sports also holds both Fall and Spring Semester tournaments check the website.

Group Exercise Classes. A full complement of group exercise classes are available at the IM-East, IM-West, and IM-Circle facilities. From cardio-combo to group cycling to zumba (and many more) these classes are fun and challenging whatever your fitness level. Class fees may be paid on a daily or semester basis. For information: IM-East (517) 353- 3136 or IM-West (517) 355-5250.

Handcycling. Handcycling is available through the MSU Bike Share program, go to

Jogging/Running. A campus jogging map is available at the IM buildings. It indicates specific routes for given distances. There is a 400-meter outdoor track west of the Stadium, a 1/8-mile indoor track in Jenison Field House, and an indoor track at the IM-East. Call the IM office, (517) 355-5250, for information about their use. Races are common in the spring and fall. Watch The State News for announcements.

Racquetball/Handball/Paddleball/Squash. Courts are located in IM-East and IM-West. Wallyball is also available in the IM-East. For reservations call (517) 353-3223 (IM East).

Sailing. The MSU Sailing Center has its home on the southwest shore of Lake Lansing, approximately 5 miles from the main campus. Contact the Sailing Center at (517) 339-8269 or for detailed information. Sailing and paddle sports classes are available for credit as well as non-credit for the MSU and community as well as the general public.

Self Defense for Women. IM Sports offers workshops that provide practical information, physical defense techniques, and strategies regarding sexual assault prevention. The focus of our program is women’s empowerment and safety but men are welcome and encouraged to attend as well. Information is available at the IM-Circle and speaking with Angela Michael, (517) 372-2661.

Swimming. The IM indoor pools provide year-round swimming for both men and women. Children may also swim at certain times. The outdoor IM pool is popular from May to October. Learn-to-swim classes are available.

Tennis. Twenty lighted tennis courts are available south of the indoor football facility on Wilson Road. Eight more unlighted courts are available on East campus, just south of Fee Hall. There are two indoor courts in IM Sports-West.

The MSU Tennis Center on Mt. Hope Road  is a full-service tennis facility with eight indoor tennis courts, offering a wide variety of tennis programs for MSU and the greater Lansing community and has a seating capacity of 1,200. Courts are available to students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the public when not in use by varsity tennis teams. Students pay the lowest fee. Courts are accessible for individuals with disabilities. Call (517) 355-2209 for reservations.

Team, individual, and co-rec tournaments are offered by the Rec Sports Department.