A sense of belonging among people is essential for communities to succeed. Michigan State University is comprised of many communities within one larger community. As such, some communities are formed to meet the unique needs, interests, and histories of specific people. The Council of Racial Ethnic Students (CORES) is such a community of learners.

Specifically, four groups comprise the CORES communities: North American Indigenous Student Organization (NAISO); Asian PacificĀ American Student Organization (APASO); Black Student AllianceĀ (BSA); and Culturas de las Razas Unidas (CRU).

Membership to these communities is open to all students. Moreover, by promoting interaction among these diverse student communities, we (individually and collectively) capitalize on the benefits derived from diverse environments. Leadership from the CORES communities work collaboratively with faculty, staff, and administration throughout the University, but receive their primary advising from staff in the Office of Cultural and Academic Transitions (OCAT).

The CORES communities help students to better understand themselves and others through cultural and social activities. Additionally, these communities serve as advocates for their members by staying abreast of issues that impact their respective communities, and by working with University faculty, staff, and administration in addressing concerns.

CORES social and cultural events abound. Among traditional events are: the MSU Annual Pow Wow, Native Heritage Month, Cultural Vogue, APA Heritage Month, A Taste of Asia, the Black Power Rally, Black History Month, the African American Celebratory, Latin Explosion, Dia de la Mujer, Chicano History Month, and much more.

Contact information includes: North American Indigenous Student Organization (NAISO), G-33 North Hubbard Hall; Asian Pacific American Student Organization (APASO), Vincent Chin Heritage Room, Holden Hall G-13; Black Student Alliance (BSA), BSA office in the Multicultural Center, (517) 432-7153; Culturas de las Razas Unidas (CRU), CRU room in Wilson Hall.