The Student Parent Resource Center (SPRC) coordinates information, resources and University initiatives to assist students with children and students managing the care of dependent elders. Students may contact the SPRC coordinator at (517) 432-3745 or the website:, for information about programs and services, including the following:

  • A resource and referral service to help student-parents find childcare;
  • Emergency backup childcare service offers five days of childcare per year per child, at no charge to parents, to meet back-up and emergency childcare needs;
  • Financial assistance which may be available through such sources as local scholarship programs, the MSU Office of Financial Aid, and federal and state government programs;
  • Student-parent support and parenting classes;
  • Student Parent List Serve providing information pertaining to students and children;
  • Sick-child care is available for mildly ill children in their homes. MSU subsidizes 70% of the cost for an agency to provide in-home care.
  • Free pre-finals childcare available the week before finals during fall and spring semesters. Free childcare allows students time to study for final exams.