Free-Fare Campus Fixed-Route Service: Students, faculty and staff ride for free on all campus fixed routes (Routes 30-39) during fall and spring semesters. Note: a fare is required when riding Lot Link, Night Owl or any off-campus routes. See below.

Fares and Passes for Lot Link, Night Owl and Off-Campus Routes: The student cash fare is 60ยข. Cash fare customers must show the bus driver a valid MSU ID. Free transfers are available on all off-campus CATA fixed route buses. Students may also purchase a CATA 31 Day Pass for $18 or a Semester Pass for $50. All fares and passes are good on Lot Link, Night Owl and all off-campus fixed-route transit service with CATA. MSU sells student passes at the MSU ID Office. Regular fare for non-student faculty and staff is $1.25. A 31 Day Adult Pass is available for $35 online at

Replacement of Passes: MSU students who lose their semester bus pass are allowed one replacement pass at no cost per semester only if the original pass is linked to their student ID at the time of purchase or at the MSU ID Office in the International Center. Replacement passes are issued through the MSU ID Office.