(Student Group Regulation)

The following regulations are established to govern the conduct of individuals living and visiting in residence halls. They shall apply to all students regardless of class level, place of residence, or group affiliation when they are in or around any residence hall.


The Residence Hall Bill of Rights provides a clear statement of each individual’s rights within the residence hall community. These rights are best secured through clear statements of each individual’s responsibilities.

1.1 No person shall cause or otherwise contribute to unreasonable noise in residence halls or areas immediately surrounding residence halls. (Unreasonable noise is that which interferes with, or has the potential for interfering with the legitimate rights of others.)
1.2 No person shall interfere with attempts of others to study.
1.3 No person shall interfere with attempts of others to sleep during reasonable and/or posted consideration hours.
1.4 No person shall interfere with the free access of another to and from his/her own room, suite, apartment, work area, or office in a residence hall.
1.5 No person shall play any athletic games in a common area of a residence hall without proper authorization.
1.6 No person shall interfere with the safe or clean environment of others.
1.7 No person shall allow an animal, bird, or other pet to enter a residence hall. (Fish and guide dogs are exceptions.)
1.8 No person shall fail to make an effort to discourage another person from violating a regulation and/or to report a violation of which one has knowledge.

(See also: General Student Regulation 2.00 and 3.00.)


Fundamental to the protection of the individual is the maintenance of an environment that is physically safe and predictable. As members of a group, each individual has a special responsibility to ensure that safety hazards are eliminated, fire equipment is maintained, and fire procedures established and followed.

2.1 No person shall create, or help to create, a safety hazard.
2.2 No person shall throw or drop anything out of a residence hall window.
2.3 No person shall possess or use firecrackers, fireworks, firearms, or other dangerous weapons or explosives. (NOTE: Legal weapons must be stored at the Department of Police and Public Safety.)
2.4 No person shall possess or use in a residence hall, without proper authorization, any chemical or other dangerous substance, compound, or container of such substances, which may injure, molest, or cause damage.
2.5 No person shall set a fire in residence halls or areas immediately associated with residence halls.
2.6 No person shall falsely report a fire, nor interfere in any way with emergency services or procedures, nor fail to conform to established safety regulations.
2.7 No person shall tamper with fire equipment, nor use such equipment for other than the prevention or control of fire. (Fire equipment shall include, but not be limited to thermal detectors, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, fire extinguisher boxes, fire hoses, and any other fire-fighting devices.)

(See also: General Student Regulation 2.00, 3.00 and 4.00.)


To succeed personally and academically, an individual must be able to live free from unnecessary emotional stress caused by others. Physical or emotional harassment will not be tolerated in a residence hall community.

3.1 No person shall harass or abuse any other person. (This shall include, but not be limited to, harassment or abuse based on race, creed, ethnic origin, sex, age, political persuasion, sexual orientation, or disability.)
3.2 No person shall exhibit behavior which harms or threatens to harm another person or another person’s property.
3.3 No person shall abuse, threaten, or harass any residence hall employee.
3.4 No person shall abuse, threaten, harass, or exhibit behavior that intimidates any complainant, respondent, counsel, witness, or judiciary member prior to, during, and after a judicial hearing.

(See also: General Student Regulation 2.00 and 3.00.)


The protection of personal property is important to the well being of the individual. Protection of community property protects the investment all residents make through the payment of their room and board.

4.1 No person shall tamper with or borrow without permission the personal property of others.
4.2 No person shall, without proper authorization, remove any property from its assigned place in a residence hall.
4.3 No person shall damage, deface, or destroy any property.

(See also: General Student Regulation 4.00.)


The residence hall community is part of a larger community, and as such, is not only governed by its own regulations, but by University policies and state law. The State of Michigan establishes the age at which alcohol consumption is legal. Furthermore, alcohol may not be consumed on state land, except by special exception of the body governing the land, which in this case is the MSU Board of Trustees. Because the majority of hall residents are under age, the privilege of drinking alcohol is extended only to those of legal age in their private rooms, suites, or apartments.

5.1 No person shall possess open alcoholic beverages within a residence hall, except within the confines of student rooms, suites, or apartments or at social events approved by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and Services.
5.2 No person shall organize or participate in a student group event where alcohol is consumed but not approved for consumption (e.g., floor party).
5.3 No person shall allow the presence of more than five times the normal occupancy (excludes over or under assignment) in a student room, suite, or apartment where alcohol is being consumed.
5.4 No person shall possess or use a common source of alcohol (e.g., keg, trash can, etc.), nor shall any person participate in an event where a common source is present.

(See also: General Student Regulation 2.00.)


Certain privileges are extended to individuals by virtue of their membership in the residence hall community. In order┬áto protect the community’s welfare, the integrity of this identification must be maintained.

6.1 No person shall permit others to use his or her University identification, including a meal card or room key, for the purpose of improperly gaining access to a residence hall, a residence hall dining room, an RHA or hall sponsored event, or use of RHA or hall equipment.
6.2 No person shall use the University identification of another, including a meal card or room key, for the purpose of improperly gaining access to a residence hall, a residence hall dining room, or an RHA or hall sponsored event or use of RHA or hall equipment.
6.3 No person shall refuse to provide his or her name and show appropriate identification to a staff member performing his or her duty, upon request.

(See also: General Student Regulation 3.00, 4.00 and 5.00.)


Meal times should be an opportunity for residents and their visitors to dine in a sociable manner without the fear of inappropriate distractions or interference. The misuse of meal I.D.s or removal of food from the dining room increases the cost of food service for all residents.

7.1 No person shall initiate or otherwise engage in throwing of food, utensils, or other objects in any residence hall dining room or housing facility.
7.2 No person shall, without authorization, remove any food or utensils from a residence hall dining room.
7.3 No person shall enter a residence hall dining room without proper authorization.

(See also: General Student Regulation 2.00, 4.00 and 5.00.)


All members of the residence hall community have some responsibility to help secure the community’s welfare by communicating to visitors the expectations established through these regulations.

8.1 No person shall permit a non-resident visitor to remain in or use the facilities of a residence hall, including one’s residence hall room, for more than three continuous days during any given week.
8.2 No person shall fail to take responsibility for his or her visitor.
8.3 No person, if a non-resident, shall be a visitor in any residence hall between the official closing and opening hours without a resident escort.
8.4 No person shall interfere with the entertaining of a visitor by another, unless the visitor is infringing upon his or her rights.

  • Residence Halls Association
  • Associated Students of Michigan State University
  • Approved on an interim basis by the Vice President for Student Affairs and Services
  • July 13, 1981
  • Amended July 18, 1984
  • Amended August 8, 1988