The faculty and staff should be sensitive to and accommodate the bereavement process of a student who has lost a family member or who is experiencing emotional distress from a similar tragedy so that the student is not academically disadvantaged in his/her classes. It is the responsibility of the student to: a) notify the Associate Dean of his/her college of the need for a grief absence prior to leaving campus, b) provide appropriate verification of the grief absence as specified by the Associate Dean, and c) complete all missed work as determined by the instructor. It is the responsibility of the Associate Dean or designee to: a) determine with the student the expected period of absence – it is expected that some bereavement processes may be more extensive than others depending on individual circumstances, b) notify the faculty that the student will be absent, and c) receive verification of the authenticity of a grief absence request upon the student’s return. It is the responsibility of the instructor to work with the student to: a) make reasonable accommodations and b) to include appropriate language describing such accommodations in their course syllabus, so that the student is not penalized due to a verified grief absence.

Students who believe their rights under this policy have been violated should contact the University Ombudsperson.

For the Grief Absence Request form go to: