(Administrative Ruling)

MSU medical students, veterinary medical students, and international students are required to have a minimum level of health insurance coverage. These students have the option of waiving the MSU sponsored student insurance plan and may purchase other coverage that meets the waiver requirements. Students may apply for a waiver using their StuInfo account at https://stuinfo.msu.edu.

If the waiver is accepted by the deadline, the insurance charge will be removed from the student’s tuition bill for the period requested. If the waiver is not accepted by the deadline, the insurance charge will remain on the student’s tuition bill and the student will automatically be enrolled in the insurance plan for fall or spring semester.

Graduate assistants are automatically enrolled in the MSU sponsored student health insurance plan and the insurance premium will be paid by MSU. If a graduate assistant would like to waive coverage, they must demonstrate they have comparable coverage and submit a waiver.

Requirements for the minimum level of health insurance coverage may be found at https://www.hr.msu.edu/benefits/students/health/index.html.

For more information about the waiver process and the waiver requirements go to https://www.hr.msu.edu/benefits/students/health/waiver.html.

—Office of the President
—September 4, 1962
—Amended 1999, 2013, 2014