(Ordinance 39.00)

.01 No funeral, procession, parade, excepting the forces of the United States Armed Services, the military forces of this State and the forces of the police and fire department shall occupy, march or proceed along any street or roadway except in accordance with a permit and such other regulations as are set forth herein which may apply. No sound truck or other vehicle equipped with amplifier or loudspeaker may be used unless written authorization is obtained as indicated in (Ordinance) Section 2.03 (from the Secretary of the Board of Trustees). (NOTE: See Public Address Equipment for information regarding this authorization.)

Permits to conduct parades or processions are obtained by individual registered students and registered student organizations according to the following all-University policy:

a. Permission to conduct parades and processions must be secured in the following order: 1) president of ASMSU; 2) Department of Student Life; 3) MSU Police. (Forms for this permission can be obtained in the Student Life Office, 101 Student Services Building.)

b. If any portion of the route involves travel on an East Lansing street, permission must also be secured from the East Lansing Police Department.

c. The person applying for the permission to conduct a parade or procession will be held responsible for proper conduct of those persons participating in the event.

d. There shall be no more than 12 vehicles in the procession and they shall not stop along the route except as necessary to comply with traffic laws. Drivers of the vehicles will be held responsible for compliance with the current motor vehicle regulations and traffic ordinances.

e. Noise-making equipment shall be operated only when the parade or procession is moving.

f. Parades and processions may be held on weekdays only between 5:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.